You Are Not Alone – Challenges We Face and How They Make Us Human

Everyone has something to say.

Everyone faces challenges by viewing the world in a different way. Everyone has their own feelings and opinions that may be slightly or greatly different than those of others. There does not have to be “right” or “wrong” positions.

That’s the beauty of the internet. You can find almost anything online, and there’s always a place for anyone looking to contribute. Chances are that whatever you believe in, think is important, or have a passion for, you can find many people out there who have those interests as well.

This is an inspirational thought because although it is a “small world,” no one should feel alone with the amount of people out there. Not physically and not mentally. If there is just one person who takes that away with them today I would be happy.

It’s difficult to write, share, and be open and honest online or anywhere for that matter, because there are cruel people in this world who think they gain something from putting others down. We can see this type of bullying not just online but on television and of course in person. It’s very easy to start to believe the negative things people say about us, especially if we hear these things on a regular basis.

We must remember, however, that we are all human.

We all make mistakes. We are all imperfect. We all crave acceptance. We all deal with self-doubt. We are all wanting to find our purpose in this world. Just because some people can hide their feelings a lot better than others doesn’t mean they are not going through the same conflicts we are. As we become brave enough to share our story with others, we must keep these things in mind. That is the only way we can keep our head held high knowing that there is nothing wrong with us. We all deal with life’s challenges differently.

So, never feel alone or that there is no one that can possibly understand what we are feeling or going through. Someone very close to us can very easily be going through the same problem, just keeping it to themselves. And no matter how difficult of a time we are going through, whatever challenges we face, however hopeless we may feel, if we can just take a moment to be thankful for any and everything we DO have, we can begin to keep things in perspective.

Feel however you need to feel in the moment. Feel sad, happy, embarrassed, excited, distraught, loved, anxious, confident, hopeless. Just know that a moment of weakness can be just that – a moment.

I want to spread positivity and happiness. But it’s important to acknowledge the fact that if you don’t feel so joyous or you want to change certain things in your life, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. Life isn’t always roses and perfectly sunny days. But if we can allow ourselves to see the beauty in every day, we can become more positive people. And positivity is so important in shaping our outlook, our activities, and our lives in general.

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