Welcome to Think Happie!

This blog is all about promoting happiness and overcoming life’s obstacles which can lead to stress, anxiety, and/or depression.

As someone who has had experience with minor to moderate anxiety and depression, I know the importance of actively focusing on positivity so we don’t drown in overwhelming, lonely, or negative thoughts. Surrounding ourselves with positive people and things that make us happy can make a big difference on our outlook on life.

It’s important that we recognize our state of well-being, know that we are not alone in any of our negative feelings, and make the effort to push those negative thoughts aside! After all, we can accomplish anything with effort and a little help.

I’m excited for you to join me
in this adventure in creating a place for people like us to go when we need pick-me-ups, tips on living less-stressed, or just a reason to smile. And who doesn’t want a reason to smile!

So keep smiling, be a little silly, and most of all, think happie!