Why Binge-Watching The Bachelorette is Nothing to Feel Guilty About!

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This season on The Bachelorette…

I’ve been hooked on The Bachelor & The Bachelorette for quite a few years now. So I was shocked when I realized that this season of The Bachelorette was almost over and I hadn’t taken the time to watch one episode.

I was looking forward to the premier, as usual. But the season began when I was still settling into my new apartment. I just couldn’t see how I had the time to sit down and watch a 2 hour long show. I always intended to catch up, but never took the time. When I realized I had only one week until the finale, I decided I had to get down to business.

To Binge-Watch or Not to Binge-Watch?

I don’t binge-watch shows very often. But last week I made it a priority to watch the season before the finale airs.

I watched 8 (2 hour-long) episodes in 2 work days.

I felt a little guilty for spending so much time doing something that wasn’t productive. I’ve been proud of myself for spending my time wisely. But then I thought, there’s no reason to feel guilty. Binge-watching one of my favorite shows WAS benefiting me.

Indulge in Your Guilty Pleasures

Indulging in our guilty pleasures every now and then is good for us.

Sometimes we sit back and realize that we’ve been stressed out for way too long. There’s always something to plan for and worry about. Our lives are never perfect. Sometimes what our mind needs is for us to take some time to do nothing.

Maybe binge-watching silly reality shows like The Bachelorette isn’t for you. But we all have guilty pleasures that we enjoy and don’t get to do often. Those are the things we need to occasionally make time for. They de-stress us, of course making us happier!

What makes you happy? What relaxes you? What makes you forget about the stress of everyday life? Comment below so we can get new ideas on how to relax!

And if you’re counting down ’til your watch party for the finale of The Bachelorette tonight, enjoy! All we’ll need is a little coffee to get us going in the morning!



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  1. Lots of coffee! But I enjoyed it, especially having pretty much the same opinion about the ending.

  2. It felt to me that the ring was more important than the man.

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