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Best Friends – Working to Save Them All (Video)

Best Friends; Save Them All, Animals in Need

Happie Wednesday! We’ve been hearing a lot about Best Friends Animal Society in the news lately. They have done so much to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Staff and volunteers are now working at their Rescue and Reunite Center in Texas. Best Friends set up this center to care for hundreds of animals displaced by Harvey so that they may be reunited with their families. And their work […]

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This Video Blew My Mind! Meet Julia Kristina

Julia Kristina’s Video Has BLOWN MY MIND! I love that I can learn something new every day if I just open myself up to different viewpoints and advice. Julia Kristina is a Therapist, Researcher, and online course creator with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. To be honest, this played a huge role in why I decided to continue watching this video. I enjoy hearing different ideas on what has […]

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“Die Fun” by Kacey Musgraves (Audio)

What Makes You Happie? It’s nice to be encouraged to live life to the fullest. “Die Fun” reminds us that we won’t live forever. We may not always have the second chance we think we will. So, while we can, we should do what makes us happy. We should try the things we’ve been wanting to try. We never know what tomorrow may bring. So, we might as well take […]

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Hilarious Puppies to Brighten Your Day! (Videos)

Happie Hump Day! We’ve focused on serious issues the last couple weeks. I thought it was time to lighten the mood a bit! Sometimes we need to just surround ourselves with good vibes and things that make us smile. These videos of hilarious puppies definitely made me smile… and laugh out loud. (P.S. No puppies were harmed in the making of these videos.) Enjoy!     … Having a dog […]

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Logic Discusses the Lyrics of “1-800-273-8255” (Video)

Logic – An Inspirational Rapper Logic definitely has a way with words. I get inspired just listening to him speak. In this video, he discusses the lyrics and meaning of “1-800-273-8255.” He shares the difficulties he had in writing the song and being so open on his new album. Many people have a hard time sharing their feelings or putting them into words. Logic hopes that if someone relates to […]

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Stop Blaming 13 Reasons Why (Videos) (Includes Spoilers)

hope, 13 Reasons Why

Arguments and Concerns There are still many strong emotions and opinions regarding the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. A huge majority of us have experience with mental illness whether it’s with someone we know or ourselves. It’s a very touchy subject. Mental health, depression, and suicide are touchy subjects. As someone who has experience with depression, I see the value in the show. You can read my full review here, where […]

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“Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves (Video)

desert landscape

Mondays are tough. I have never heard anyone say, “I love Mondays!” We’re sleepy, we’re cranky, and we’re not looking forward to starting another workweek. We just want to start the weekend over again. Luckily, we have music. There are few artists that I can always trust to turn my stressed mind into a relaxed one. Kacey Musgraves has become that artist for me. Her music makes me feel better […]

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“You Don’t Know” by Katelyn Tarver (Video)

flower alone on ground

To anyone who’s felt like no one can understand how hard of a time you’re going through, LISTEN TO THIS SONG. Sometimes we just don’t have the emotional energy to fight on, think positively, or put a fake smile on our face. And while it’s great to be encouraged, it’s difficult to hear and take advice from people who don’t truly understand how we’re feeling. We can’t always just decide […]

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