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Planning Some Summer Fun – Before it’s too Late!

Beach, California, summer day

Since when did school begin so early?? Even though it seems like summer’s over, Fall is still one month away! So, now’s the time to plan those last-minute summer adventures! Whatever you’ve been wanting to do and still haven’t gotten around to, take advantage of these next few weeks! If you’re anything like me, it’s not easy to go out spontaneously, especially to try something new. I’m definitely a planner. […]

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“Die Fun” by Kacey Musgraves (Audio)

What Makes You Happie? It’s nice to be encouraged to live life to the fullest. “Die Fun” reminds us that we won’t live forever. We may not always have the second chance we think we will. So, while we can, we should do what makes us happy. We should try the things we’ve been wanting to try. We never know what tomorrow may bring. So, we might as well take […]

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Why Binge-Watching The Bachelorette is Nothing to Feel Guilty About!

Roses, The Bachelorette

  This season on The Bachelorette… I’ve been hooked on The Bachelor & The Bachelorette for quite a few years now. So I was shocked when I realized that this season of The Bachelorette was almost over and I hadn’t taken the time to watch one episode. I was looking forward to the premier, as usual. But the season began when I was still settling into my new apartment. I just couldn’t […]

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Top 4 Ways to Make Your Commute Easier

commute, traffic, city highway

Commuting is such a hassle. It’s irritating, boring, and time-consuming. We can easily get frustrated with all the drivers around us. After all, they’re the ones making us late to work! Unfortunately, many of us have to commute on a daily basis. And with all the stories we hear about road-rage and how it can lead to accidents and injuries or worse, it’s important for us to keep our moods […]

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Start Eating Healthier – 5 Simple Changes You Can Make Today

Salmon, vegetables, healthy dinner

Eating healthier can seem impossible when you’re constantly busy. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to achieve healthy eating habits. I’m Supposed to Do What?! I recently read a weight loss article that included tips on eating healthier. One of the tips, while not surprising, caught my attention. It said you should never eat after 6 pm. Of course, we know that eating late is a no-no, especially […]

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Solving Life’s Overwhelming Problems

Sometimes life is just problem after problem. Sometimes before you can even get one problem solved, three more pop up. It’s worse when it’s not even a simple problem, but a problem you have to research and learn how to fix. And once you DO figure it out, it takes a lot of time to fix. This is when life gets overwhelming. The feeling that no matter WHAT you do, you’re […]

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