Stop Blaming 13 Reasons Why (Videos) (Includes Spoilers)

Arguments and Concerns

There are still many strong emotions and opinions regarding the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. A huge majority of us have experience with mental illness whether it’s with someone we know or ourselves.

It’s a very touchy subject. Mental health, depression, and suicide are touchy subjects. As someone who has experience with depression, I see the value in the show. You can read my full review here, where I don’t reveal spoilers.

I came across two Youtube videos which portrayed people’s true reactions to the show. The first shows a group of teens, and the second shows a group of parents. They were very interesting to watch because it’s important to remember that our own opinions are not the only ones that matter. And both bring up valid arguments and concerns.




13 Reasons Why is Not the Problem

13 Reasons Why will not cause the typical person to develop depression and commit suicide. The point of the show is to start a conversation. If more people discussed their own feelings or how to be kinder to others (in or out of high school), we just may be able to make the improvements that the world needs.

Those of us who experience depression know the importance of not feeling alone. This was a major reason I began this blog. Casting off the show as being nothing but a horrible example of mental health is not looking at the big picture.

Like I said in my previous article, everyone has a reason for committing suicide. Everyone has a reason for their negative thoughts. They may be valid. And they may not be. Once you’re in that place mentally, though, every little thing becomes one of the reasons.

If someone isn’t strong enough to get past those issues by spinning a positive light on them or getting help, they may become one of the victims of suicide.


13 Reasons Why is Not About the Tapes

13 Reasons Why is about why a teenage girl may come to the decision to commit suicide. I think those who have had serious depression can at least somewhat relate to the thoughts behind it, whether or not they agree with the show itself.

Too many people have judged the show by the first, second, or third episode or what they have heard through the grapevine. This saddens me.

Shame, feelings, 13 Reasons Why

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I’m lucky enough to not know what it feels like to have been raped. But I understand that whether or not someone has made smart decisions that lead up to that event, NO ONE deserves it. And it can happen to people who have made all the right decisions. If someone who already has mental health issues is raped, I cannot imagine the impact it would have on them.


Mental Health Awareness

Please try to understand how 13 Reasons Why can spread awareness to help PREVENT this from happening. Awareness is all we can hope for as a first step to fighting mental illness. Those who have issues need to feel like there are people out there who understand them. And those who don’t, need to know how bullying can affect others.


hope, 13 Reasons Why

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Mental illness is not always an obvious disease. If this show can start discussions, the world may become much more sensitive and understanding of what so many people out there are going through.

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