Start Eating Healthier – 5 Simple Changes You Can Make Today

Eating healthier can seem impossible when you’re constantly busy. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to achieve healthy eating habits.

I’m Supposed to Do What?!

I recently read a weight loss article that included tips on eating healthier. One of the tips, while not surprising, caught my attention. It said you should never eat after 6 pm. Of course, we know that eating late is a no-no, especially if we want to lose weight. We need to give our bodies time to digest our last meal before we go to bed. It caught my attention, though, because this just did not seem realistic.

If someone was looking into how they might try to eat healthier to lose weight and saw this, they may give up before they even try. I don’t get out of work until 5:30 pm. It’s usually about 7 pm before I even make it home at the end of the day. So, am I expected to eat dinner at work? Is that even plausible? If I could eat dinner at work, that would mean prepping a healthy lunch AND dinner each night. Which, of course, would lead to me eating the same thing for both meals. How boring.

The reality is, many of us just can’t eat dinner before 6 pm every day. I thought about my own hectic life and decided to share these 5 simple changes you can make to realistically incorporate healthy habits into your busy schedule.

Salmon, vegetables, healthy dinner, eating healthier

Salmon can be quick and easy to cook. Just add vegetables for a light dinner… (Photo by Brittany)

1. Eat a light, low-carb dinner.

If you have a hard time controlling when you eat, make sure you can control what you eat. The later you eat, the lighter the meal should be. Think small portions and low-carbs. Also, make every attempt to finish eating a couple hours before bedtime.

In other words, if I end up going to bed at 11 pm, I’ve at least stopped eating by 9 pm. I never feel good when I’ve had a heavy meal right before going to bed.

2. Eat SOMETHING for breakfast within a couple hours of waking up.

Even if it’s just a banana. If your alternative is skipping breakfast because you don’t even have the time to make oatmeal, let alone a healthy veggie omelet, just get something in your system. This will jump-start your metabolism and give you a bit of energy to start your day. Grab a banana, orange, or grapefruit. Something small (and still healthy) is way better than nothing.

3. Eat a light lunch.

A heavy lunch in the middle of your day will only make you sluggish. You’ll be less likely to want to get in any physical activity that afternoon or evening. Plus, you’ll be less likely to eat a snack mid-afternoon which will then make it hard to eat a light dinner.

4. Snack!

Raw almonds, healthy snack, eating healthier

The easiest go-to snack for work. It only takes a few minutes to make a few snack-size bags… (Photo by Brittany)

It’s best to eat less at a single sitting and more frequently during the day. It not only keeps your energy up, but you’ll be less likely to get to a point where you’re starving and eat a heavy, unhealthy lunch or dinner. Try mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to keep your hunger in check between meals.

5. Drink more water.

Your body can trick you into thinking you’re hungry when all it really needs is water. You should find that when you drink more water, you’ll have better control of your appetite. Water is just so important, especially during these summer months. And it can be very refreshing!

We all have to start somewhere. Bad habits can be very hard to break, especially with all the running around we do every day. Start small and be consistent. Once we turn some of these bad habits into healthy ones, we’ll get motivated to do even more.

What tips help you achieve a healthier lifestyle? Feel free to comment below to share your ideas. And don’t forget to subscribe for more tips on living both physically and mentally healthy.


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