Planning Some Summer Fun – Before it’s too Late!

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Since when did school begin so early?? Even though it seems like summer’s over, Fall is still one month away! So, now’s the time to plan those last-minute summer adventures! Whatever you’ve been wanting to do and still haven’t gotten around to, take advantage of these next few weeks!

If you’re anything like me, it’s not easy to go out spontaneously, especially to try something new. I’m definitely a planner. It’s weird that I feel the need to prepare myself both physically and mentally for certain outings or projects. Sometimes even when I know exactly what I want to do and have a plan, it can be difficult to follow through with it.


Could it be fear of the unknown? Not knowing the outcome of the situation? These are fears that can keep us from doing a lot of fun things.

I’ve talked about this before in Facing Our Fears. How do we really get over these irrational fears? Like a swimming pool, sometimes it’s easier to run, close your eyes, and dive right in. We should focus more on the potential positive outcomes rather than the potential negative outcomes. How often do the “worse-case scenarios” happen anyway? I’ve noticed that more often than not, I have a much better experience than I thought I might.


Is it procrastination that’s stopping you? If you live in warm, sunny Southern California, you have a little leeway when it comes to summer activities. But let’s be honest, beach fun is much more enjoyable when you know you won’t be shivering in a jacket half the day. Maybe it’s another activity or trip that’s been on your mind. Don’t wait until next month or next year to make those plans!

I often have to write down when I’m going to do something for me to stop procrastinating on it. If you’re the same way, get out your calendar! It makes sense that we procrastinate about things that we don’t like doing. Going to the dentist, going to the DMV, etc. So, why procrastinate on things that we actually enjoy?


What if you don’t end up enjoying it? So, what? Try it! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again. I’m all about giving things a chance. And sometimes I do have to talk myself into doing things because of a fear I have, procrastination, or the fact that I don’t know if it will end up being worth it. But for those of us who have these thoughts, it’s always important to push ourselves. How can we go about life without trying new things? Trying something new keeps life interesting. If we don’t like it, it’s not the end of the world.

California, summer, nature, flowers

(Photo by Brittany)

New opportunities bring amazing potential. Maybe you’ll go to a concert and not like the music. But you may bond with a friend over that experience. Maybe you’ll meet a guy. Maybe you’ll run into a celebrity. You just never know! Keep your mind open to new adventures. The best part of summer could still be right around the corner!

If you are someone who needs more motivation like this, subscribe! It’s great to be able to support and encourage each other on things that not everyone understands. Just know that even when it feels like no one gets you sometimes, you aren’t alone. The more you share your feelings, the more you’ll learn that others can relate. And that is such a wonderful feeling!

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