Start Eating Healthier – 5 Simple Changes You Can Make Today

Salmon, vegetables, healthy dinner

Eating healthier can seem impossible when you’re constantly busy. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to achieve healthy eating habits. I’m Supposed to Do What?! I recently read a weight loss article that included tips on eating healthier. One of the tips, while not surprising, caught my attention. It said you should never eat after 6 pm. Of course, we know that eating late is a no-no, especially […]

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“Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran (Audio)

We often jump at the opportunity to help others before working on ourselves. It’s difficult to face our own problems. Plus, it feels good to know that we have acted selflessly by helping someone else. But if we give too much of ourselves, we’ll be left with nothing. And we cannot expect others to take care of us just because we try to take care of them. There are many […]

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Accept the Challenge – Convince Yourself to Experience a New Adventure This Summer!

view from an airplane, in the sky, through the clouds

Happie Memorial Day! As we move into the unofficial start of summer, we’re no doubt wondering what kinds of adventures this summer will bring. Instead of just waiting to see what happens, though, let’s take matters into our own hands. Yay or Nay? What Will Your Adventure Be? We often end up talking ourselves out of doing things. We have this great idea that sounds fun, and then we decide […]

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“You Don’t Know” by Katelyn Tarver (Video)

flower alone on ground

To anyone who’s felt like no one can understand how hard of a time you’re going through, LISTEN TO THIS SONG. Sometimes we just don’t have the emotional energy to fight on, think positively, or put a fake smile on our face. And while it’s great to be encouraged, it’s difficult to hear and take advice from people who don’t truly understand how we’re feeling. We can’t always just decide […]

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Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion (Review)

Don’t you feel fantastic when you find a beauty product that changes your life? It may sound dramatic, but sometimes that’s exactly how it feels. You don’t think that what you truly want and need could possibly exist. Then, when you actually find it, you feel like its makers were reading your mind. You look your best, you feel your best; and when you feel your best, you look even […]

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Solving Life’s Overwhelming Problems

Sometimes life is just problem after problem. Sometimes before you can even get one problem solved, three more pop up. It’s worse when it’s not even a simple problem, but a problem you have to research and learn how to fix. And once you DO figure it out, it takes a lot of time to fix. This is when life gets overwhelming. The feeling that no matter WHAT you do, you’re […]

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How Birth Control May Be Threatening Our Mental Health

Since we’re in the midst of National Women’s Health week, I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss how birth control can affect our mental health. My Story I’ve lost count of how many different birth control pills I’ve tried over the years. I always hoped that one day I would find the perfect fit. To be honest, I can’t say that my search is quite over. I went crazy […]

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