Nothing’s Perfect – How We Get Tricked into Feeling Insecure

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Nobody’s Perfect

You may have heard this one before – nobody’s perfect. So, why does it seem that we always expect ourselves to be perfect? And why do we always look at magazines and Instagram accounts and think that those people are?

You may have heard this one before too – looks can be deceiving. But why don’t we ever consider this possibility? We may think it’s obvious that a filter or Photoshop was used on a certain picture.  But that doesn’t always translate into thinking that it’s impossible to look that way. We still somehow use those pictures as a goal for ourselves.

Nobody’s Life is Perfect

We don’t only get fooled by how people physically look. Most of the time, it’s actually the happiness and “perfect” life that we see depicted in these pictures that we believe to be true.

It seems obvious. Why would someone’s entire Instagram account be filled with so many wonderful pictures of the places they go, all their friends, and their significant other if they weren’t truly happy? Those people must wake up smiling, always sing in the shower, and never have a bad hair day.

“Squad goals” and “relationship goals” are phrases being thrown around a lot lately. But what do they mean? And who are you looking to for those goals?

Judging Relationships

This might be why we’re shocked when the “perfect couple” you’ve been following “suddenly” break up.

They never fight, they don’t get jealous, they compromise, and their constantly going on big adventures together. What could possibly have gone wrong??

We need to remember one thing, though: How many people are going to post their arguments, jealousy, or loneliness as much as their good times? Not a large percentage, that’s for sure.

Portraying Perfection

People’s accounts should be pretty much whatever they want them to be. Typically, we want to share fun experiences and nice memories with friends and family. Who says they have to post every negative experience too? And celebrities should have the same prerogative.

What we should do is enjoy people’s posts without assuming we know their life. ESPECIALLY when we really don’t know them personally. And more importantly: Don’t judge your own life based on what you perceive to be someone else’s perfect life.

Staying Positive

It’s nice to spread positivity. But just because someone is always posting positive things on their accounts, doesn’t mean it comes easily to them. There are times when I feel super happy and positive and excited about where life will take me next. There are also many times when I feel sad, negative, and nervous/anxious about what’s around the corner. No matter which mindset I’m in, though, I try to say and write positive things. It may come easily. It may be very difficult. But making the attempt to be positive is a lot more helpful than instantly giving in to negative feelings and giving up on everything you try to do on a bad day.

So, don’t be fooled into thinking your life pales in comparison to those you follow online. Even people you think you know may be (and probably are) fighting inner battles that their pictures and 5 second videos are not revealing.

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