Thinking Through a Negative Mindset

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Just telling yourself to think happy thoughts doesn’t always work. Sometimes you’re in one of those negative moods where the smallest comment could send you into a downward spiral that you can’t control. And if you’re around people who don’t quite understand these mood swings, it can only get worse.

Experience with Negative Feelings

This happened to me not long ago. Let me be the first to tell you that my daily yoga routine didn’t help. It kept my mind distracted for the half hour. But I couldn’t get past the tiny thing gnawing away at me, and my feelings only returned once I finished.

Once you’re in that place, every comment or thought that follows is spun into a negative light. You don’t know what to do or who to turn to, so you end up internalizing it and coming to the conclusion that no one understands what you’re going through. If only we could master the ability to flip a switch and think, “It’s OK. I was just being silly, and it wasn’t as bad as I originally felt it was.” If anyone can master this ability, please let me know!

Be Patient

Sometimes all we can really do is wait until the feeling passes and we are able to think more clearly. All we can really try to do is realize that yes, our feelings are out of control for the time being; but no, it will not last forever. If we need to take some time to be alone or cry or punch a pillow or all of the above, that’s what we should do.

What we cannot do is make any drastic decisions or take any drastic actions while we’re in this place. This is not who we are. This is who our brains are temporarily misinforming us that we are.

Sometimes we just can’t stop and think, “Don’t you realize how many people truly care about you, or how lucky you truly are just to be alive?” Then, turn everything around and be fine. Sometimes we can only accept the way things are and realize that things can change again quickly, and for the better.

So, when you’re having a difficult time, take the day moment-by-moment. We may not be able to change our mindset in a second, but it will change eventually. Try to be patient and just give it time. We will have the ability to think happie and be happie again.

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