How We Can Help Make a Difference Today and Every Day

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It gets hard to stay positive when we see so much negativity in the news. As we see the suffering, hate, and heartbreaking events going on in our country, it’s important to take the time to acknowledge how lucky we are and be grateful for what we have.

We all have hardships of our own. But there is always someone, near or far, that is much worse off than we are. We should all be thankful for how much we have in our lives.

When we’re truly grateful for all that we have, we start to see all that we have to give. We can have a huge positive significance in other people’s lives by donating our time and/or money to those in need.

How You Can Help

While they are always accepting donations, you can visit now to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey. And we shouldn’t forget our four-legged companions! There are many animals also being affected. They need our help too! Head on over to to find out how you can get involved.

There’s always something we can do to help improve someone’s life, or even just their day. And not only during natural disasters. We can lend a helping hand in our neighborhood, at our job, or even as we’re walking down the street. And when we volunteer our time and energy to help those less fortunate than us, we not only improve their lives, but we feel better about ourselves as well.

Be Thankful

It seems that the better off we are, the more likely we are to take that comfort for granted. So, let’s not forget to take a look around us and be thankful for everything we have, both the tangible and intangible.

I know I’m grateful for the love of friends, family, and of course Cali! I also appreciate having the money to put gas in my car so that I can drive to fun places on the weekends, not just to and from work Monday-Friday. What are you grateful for?

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