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Every day is a constant struggle. Eat the foods I’m craving and lay on the couch? Or eat healthy and work out? I definitely don’t always make the right decision. Especially lately.

Sometimes no matter what we tell ourselves or read or see on T.V., it seems impossible to get that motivation to “start today.”

We’ve all been there.

Some people are better at forcing themselves out of bed than others. But I don’t think there’s anyone who is excited to start their workout every single day. Even those who do it every day go through periods where they’ve skipped way more days than they’re used to. During those periods, it’s hard to regain motivation and easy to stop believing in yourself. But we’ve all had to start over numerous times. Just because you took off a week, month, or year does not mean you can’t get back into the rhythm again.

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And one of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking we can just get back to where we left off right away.

I did that recently. One Sunday afternoon I finally got motivated to get off my butt, and it felt good! I decided to do 20-30 minutes of mostly leg exercises. I will never make that mistake again!

Not only was it the first time I had worked out in quite a while and I decided to do a not-so-easy work out, but I chose legs as my focus point! Needless to say, I used the following day as a rest day. I was so sore that week, though, that I could barely walk up and down stairs. And of course, sitting on the toilet was near impossible. I couldn’t bring myself to work out again the rest of that week and by the time I was fully recovered, I had lost my motivation.

But we have to keep trying.

I learned that it’s best to choose an almost too-easy workout after extended time off. At least that way we can build confidence and endurance again from the ground up. I hate it when I try a workout that I used to think was fairly easy and I find that I can’t even finish it anymore! What a way to shake your motivation!

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Start small.

Have big goals and ambitious dreams. But make sure you have attainable, short-term goals in mind as well. No one will achieve their dreams overnight. And if they do, they’re not dreaming big enough! But if we can celebrate the small milestones along the way, we can stay motivated enough to achieve that dream one day.

So, don’t feel bad about unhealthy decisions you’ve made and most likely will continue to make. We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. Just start now.

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Make one good decision. Walk more often. Eat more spinach. Make steady improvements. Try taking notes to mark your progress. Little by little you’ll feel and see changes inside and out. And it will only get easier to push yourself and accomplish your goals – both short and long-term!

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