5 Things to Help You Focus and Get Productive

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Happie Tuesday!

I hope everyone who had the luxury of a 3-day weekend had a nice, relaxing Labor Day! Now that a new work week is beginning, it’s time to get productive again!

I often talk about how good it is for you to take time for yourself. Take breaks, allow yourself to de-stress, do things that make you feel happy and relaxed. So, what about when it’s time to get down to business?

If we’re gonna get further in life, we’re gonna have to do something other than binge-watch our favorite shows on Netflix, go to the beach, and listen to fun music. So, how do you get in the right mindset to work when all you wanna do is curl up in bed to a good movie?

Here are the top 5 things that help me focus on being productive:

1. Green Tea

When I was taking online classes there were times when I had to get up on a Sunday morning, do some last-minute studying, and take a 2 hour exam by the evening. Sometimes I could not imagine how I’d be able to stay awake and focused enough to actually do well on an exam. This is around the time I started drinking tea. I knew that green tea helped keep me awake without making me too jittery (I’m sensitive to caffeine), so I would start exam day with a large cup of tea.


That’s when I realized the magical powers of green tea! Within 15 minutes of sipping on it, I realized I was wide awake and very focused! It was great to finally find something that worked so well for me. Online classes are no joke. You have to be able to motivate yourself to do well. It felt like green tea was my secret weapon!

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I recently learned about the health benefits of Kombucha and now this tea is my favorite! It’s one of the only teas that I can enjoy without having to put any honey in. Just add water and go!

2. Music

Music does not help me with studying, but it does help a lot with some of my office work and housework. It keeps my mind from wandering to things that I’ll need to do later, the dinner I should prepare, or the weekend activities I want to plan. It actually makes me focus on what I’m doing in the moment.

3. Snacks

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If I’m in the middle of working and get hungry, I can’t concentrate until I’ve put something in my stomach. If I have to fix or go out to get food, my working rhythm is ruined. Having snacks on hand works because if I get hungry, I can satisfy my hunger without interrupting my workflow.

4. Clothing

Make sure to dress for the occasion. If you’re cleaning the house, put on clothes that you can get dirty in. You’ll do an even better cleaning job when you’re not worried about messing up whatever you’re wearing.

When it comes to studying or working on something else, it’s good to be comfortable. But if I’m too comfortable, I won’t be able to concentrate as well and I may get too sleepy. This is why I will sometimes decide to study in jeans rather than leggings, for example.

5. Plan Time to Relax

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Making the decision to work “now” means not doing what you really wish you could be doing. I can focus much better on that work, though, if I have set plans for something fun later. It tells me that I’ll still be able to do something fun, but that I need to get stuff done first. Then I’ll be able to enjoy that fun stuff a lot more because I didn’t procrastinate!

Take these tips into consideration while you figure out what helps you be more productive. Do you have tips that aren’t included here? Let me know! People can have different techniques that others may not have thought about before. How do you ensure a productive work day?

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