Learn Your Reasoning to Find Your Purpose

finding your purpose, discover reasoning behind thoughts and ideas

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Nobody likes to feel lost with no purpose. That’s why many of us spend so much time trying to figure out their “purpose” in life. We can’t find our purpose, though, without truly understanding who we are. We may know what we like and dislike. But knowing the reasoning behind those feelings is important in understanding the overall picture.

The Purpose Behind Your Unhappiness

If you don’t like your job, it’s not enough to make the decision to quit. If you understand exactly why you don’t like it, you can use that information to start the next chapter in your life. You’ll know what to look for and what to avoid in a new job so that you’ll be happier. Not truly understanding your reasoning behind quitting may lead to you making a hasty decision that won’t improve your situation.

The Purpose Behind Your Passions

If you ARE satisfied with your job, understanding why you enjoy it is helpful too. You’ll see how you can translate that passion into bigger and better opportunities. There may be a promotion you can benefit from. Or there may be a slightly different job that would fit you even better than your current one.

Bouncing from one thing to the next without having reasoning behind those decisions won’t benefit you. You may not have a long-term plan or know what you want to do in life. But analyzing your thoughts and feelings is the best way to get to know yourself better and figure that out.

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

I came across a quote a few months ago that said not to make a list of the things you love, but to make a list of the reasons you love them. I haven’t been able to get this out of my mind. We can easily say that we like one thing and don’t like another. But finding out how those feelings fit into your purpose is the challenge.

Maybe you love children. But does that mean you would love teaching them? Maybe you love helping people. But does that mean firefighting is the career for you?

We have all the pieces to the puzzle. If we don’t, we have the means to find them. Figuring out our reasoning behind our thoughts will help us put these pieces together. Focus on the overall picture. Just don’t forget to enjoy the little adventures on the way!

Learn and Experience New Things

Learning reasoing, finding purpose

(Photo taken from www.pixabay.com)

Make sure to give yourself options. The more experiences you have, the more confident you can be about what you truly love and hate. I’m still exploring different paths by taking classes, volunteering, travelling, and talking with people from various backgrounds (personal and professional).

It’s never too late to learn something new. Knowledge comes in all shapes and forms. An expensive school is not the only way to learn a new subject. With the technology we have today, we have more information at our fingertips than we know what to do with! And don’t forget that libraries and bookstores have excellent resources too! The more we learn and experience the world around us, the more we can learn about ourselves.

So, next time you wonder what your purpose is, jot down why you enjoy and look forward to certain things. Consider why you hate doing others. You may discover something about yourself that hasn’t crossed your mind before!

Have you found your calling? When and how did you discover it? Some are lucky enough to know what they want to do in life at a young age. Some (myself included) need to do a little more digging. We have to remind ourselves that there’s nothing wrong with needing more time. As long as we try to enjoy the journey along the way and don’t give up!

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