Accept the Challenge – Convince Yourself to Experience a New Adventure This Summer!

Happie Memorial Day!

As we move into the unofficial start of summer, we’re no doubt wondering what kinds of adventures this summer will bring. Instead of just waiting to see what happens, though, let’s take matters into our own hands.

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Yay or Nay? What Will Your Adventure Be?

We often end up talking ourselves out of doing things. We have this great idea that sounds fun, and then we decide against it. We say that it’s too expensive, it’s too far, there’s not enough time, etc.

If you’re debating on whether or not to take the leap and try something new this summer, there’s no time like the present! But if you need a little bit of convincing, try asking yourself these 4 questions before deciding against it:

1. What are the risks?

Some adventures may be a little too dangerous and are more likely than not going to land you in the hospital. (I won’t be climbing Mount Everest any time soon.) Some vacations may be quite a bit more than your bank account can currently handle. (My African safari will have to wait.) Be reasonable, though. Are the risks too dangerous and expensive? Or are they just a little uncomfortable? (It may use up some gas, but I can take a day trip to a town that I’ve been wanting to explore for over a year now.)

2. What are the benefits?

How can your adventure benefit you? Would it allow you to see family that you haven’t seen in years? Would it be a much-needed getaway from whatever stress you’re currently under?

3. What would I like about it?

If you’ve gotten past the potential risks, don’t focus much on any negatives. (It would take too much time to plan, the weather wouldn’t be great, etc.) Instead, consider all the positive attributes. Why did you get the idea in the first place? What interests you most about it? What kind of fun can you have?

4. What would I LOVE about it?

Take it a step further. What could you get out of this adventure? Is this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Is it something that you’ve been wanting to do for as long as you can remember? Can it be potentially life-changing?

Consider your answers for each of these 4 questions. Do the benefits outweigh the risks, difficulty or expense? If they do, go for it!

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(Photo by Brittany)

Give Yourself a Deadline – And Write it Down

Unless I actually schedule something for a particular day and mark it in my planner, I’ll never do it. Even if I miss my deadline, I’m much more likely to accomplish something if I have a date that I’ve attempted to hold myself to.

That’s the beauty of a deadline that you give yourself – it’s always flexible.

Whether or not you actually make your deadline is usually irrelevant. What matters most is that you’ve decided to take action. You’ve decided to take the leap to try something new. You’ve figured out the steps needed to get you there, and you know roughly when you’ll be able to do it. Who knows? You may even learn a thing or two about yourself along the way. You may decide you never want to do anything like that ever again. Or, you may find the one thing you’ve been missing out on all your life.

The choice is yours. Now I challenge you to experience the adventure that’s waiting for you this summer!

What are your summer plans? I plan on exploring California a bit more with whatever free time I have! Don’t forget to check out the best sunscreen for your face to get summer-ready!

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