Don’t Let Bad Days Win – Getting Motivated to Welcome Opportunity

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Life is hard. We all have those days where from the moment we wake up we know the day’s gonna be a struggle.

Maybe you wake up late, step in gum, and catch all the red lights on your way to work. Eventually you get to a point where you see even the littlest issue as a major contributor to your crappy day. Sometimes all you feel safe doing is just climbing back into bed and waiting until the next day when things will hopefully turn out better.

The reality, though, is that 99.99% of the time, you can’t just go back to bed. You have to get up, you have to leave the house, you have to go to work. In my case, I can’t stay in bed because my dog depends on me to take her out, feed her, and give her attention. Sometimes she’s my reason (and a great one) to get out of bed and face the day.

What is your reason for getting up in the morning? What motivates you the most?

In a perfect world, we would be our own reason. We owe it to ourselves to work hard to make our own lives better. There are times, though, when taking care of ourselves doesn’t seem worth it.

But don’t let bad days win. Find the reason that motivates YOU the most. Step up to the plate and give it all you got. Don’t assume the whole day is going to be a mess just because it started out that way. Things may not be going your way right now, but that will change before you know it.

Nearly every day that has started off terrible for me has turned into a day where I ended up getting good news and actually ended on a high note. You just never know what type of opportunities will come your way. Opportunities, though, can only find you when you allow yourself to be found instead of hiding in bed.

So, next time you’re feeling like giving up after being awake for 5 minutes, remember to give the day a chance to turn into a day full of possibilities. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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