“Chapter One” by Lifehouse (Audio)

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I had forgotten how powerful Lifehouse’s lyrics can be. I remember being moved by this band in high school. They seemed to have a different way of singing about things than what I was used to hearing.

Their lyrics are intriguing because they are just vague enough to be open to interpretation. One person may hear a different message than the next. It can be cool to find out what an artist meant when he/she wrote a song. But it’s not necessarily important to decode a song word-for-word. What’s important is that you can benefit from whatever you got out of it.


To me, “Chapter One” is about hope. The world around us can be pretty dark and scary. There is no sugar-coating that in this song. Even uncertainty itself can be scary. We never know what each day may bring us.

Here’s an inspirational thought, though. As long as time continues, there are answers out there to be discovered. Every day that comes, every sunrise, every breath we take brings hope. A problem may seem too big to solve or too big to bear. There will be obstacles. We can’t control that. But we have the internal strength to deal with whatever obstacles come our way. We just have to recognize that we have the tools ourselves to move forward and come out stronger.

Inner Strength

The difficulty lies in finding that inner strength when it feels as though we have none. Lifehouse reminds us that we don’t need to be perfect. We can’t pretend that the world around us doesn’t affect us. It does, and it will. There will be days when we’ll struggle. All we can ask ourselves to do is hold onto hope and keep going. That’s the only way we can expect to have a chance to thrive.

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