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Motivation for improving our physical well-being with various exercises and activities.

Be a Healthier You – Get the Motivation to Start Today!

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Every day is a constant struggle. Eat the foods I’m craving and lay on the couch? Or eat healthy and work out? I definitely don’t always make the right decision. Especially lately. Sometimes no matter what we tell ourselves or read or see on T.V., it seems impossible to get that motivation to “start today.” We’ve all been there. Some people are better at forcing themselves out of bed than […]

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How Beginner’s Yoga Can Change Your Body Within the First Week

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Some people tend to think that yoga isn’t for them. They need a workout that will make them sweat and blast their heart rate up right away. That way they know they’re burning calories and getting stronger. They don’t see how yoga can do this for them. I didn’t either. When I work out, I want to do something that is effective and efficient. Usually for me, this means resistance […]

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Start Eating Healthier – 5 Simple Changes You Can Make Today

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Eating healthier can seem impossible when you’re constantly busy. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to achieve healthy eating habits. I’m Supposed to Do What?! I recently read a weight loss article that included tips on eating healthier. One of the tips, while not surprising, caught my attention. It said you should never eat after 6 pm. Of course, we know that eating late is a no-no, especially […]

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5 Ways to Easily Add Exercise to Your Busy Schedule

Finding the time to exercise every day can be difficult. Between working, studying, grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, taking care of kids – who has time to fit in a workout? Luckily, there are many ways to be physically active. Once you figure out what you enjoy and what works best for your lifestyle, it’ll be easy to keep up. Here’s 5 tips for fitting in those workouts: 1. Find […]

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Getting Mentally Fit – 4 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

    Exercise is important for your mind as well as your body. We all know that exercising can help us lose weight and get stronger. But we don’t always think about the mental health benefits of exercise. These alone should be enough to inspire anybody to add physical activity to their daily routines. Here’s 4 unexpected benefits of exercise: 1. Exercise relaxes you. Exercising can put us in a […]

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