Be Happy Now – How We Can Create Our Own Happiness

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(Photo by Brittany)

Sometimes it just seems as though we’re waiting for things to come around to make us happy. We wait for our workday to end. We wait for our class to be over. We wait for our next vacation to start. We wait for our dinner to arrive. Life can pass us by while we go through every day impatiently waiting for the next exciting thing to happen.

If we continue this for too long, we can get bored. We may start to feel discouraged that we don’t enjoy our lives like we once did. And since most of us can’t take vacations once a month, going back to work after an extended time off can even be depressing. But there are things we can do to improve our situation. When you find yourself in a rut like this, create something to get excited about.

What makes you happy?

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My Cali can always make me happy! Click the pic to meet her! (Photo by Brittany)

It’s our responsibility to make ourselves happy. What things make you happy? Start with small things that you may be able to do daily. Read a good book, watch an episode of your favorite T.V. show, or take your dog for a long walk. Little activities like these can even make your workday better if you can do them during your lunch break.

Move on to other things that may require a little planning. Hang out with friends or family that you haven’t hung out with in a while. Go to the theater to see a movie you’ve been excited about. Spend a day doing nothing but binge-watching a new show on Netflix. Consider any and everything that YOU find enjoyable.

Make a list.

Write an actual list of the places, activities, and things that make you happy. The list should include things that require no, little, and a lot of planning. That way, you don’t go through them all in one day and at the same time, you don’t have to wait a couple months to check one off your list.

Make a plan.

It’s not enough to write a list. Add them to your schedule. Make a point to do something relaxing that night. Plan a fun outing for that weekend. Maybe plan a road trip for the next month. When you feel like all you’ve been doing is taking care of others and ignoring your own needs, put yourself first. The more time you spend doing what makes YOU happy instead of what you hate just to make others happy, the better you’ll feel.

California beach, waves, fog, happy place

Even in the cold and fog, it’s still my happie place… (Photo by Brittany)

Stop waiting.

Don’t wait for happiness to come to you. Decide to be happy, and find a way to make that happen. We have more control of our lives than we may think.

How do you unwind after a long day at work? What makes your weekends complete? What is your go-to outing when you just need to get out of the house? Keep the conversation going in the comments below!

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