Not Just for Kids – Why Adults Need a Time Out Too

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A time out is good for adults too.

When we were kids, the last thing we wanted was a time out. Now that we’re adults, we wish someone would put us in a time out! Just for a break from our hectic schedules. Just for some time to recharge our batteries.

We can easily get caught up in our daily to-do list. And we often find ourselves exhausted by the time we complete it, IF we can complete it.

Doing this day in and day out catches up to us. I know that if I’m busy non-stop during the day, I’ll go to bed thinking about what I’ve done and what I’ll need to accomplish the next day. That makes it impossible for me to get a good night’s rest. And if sleeping at night is the only time out we give ourselves, it has to be restful! If we’re not taking advantage of that time, when are we refueling?

Stop feeling guilty!

We need to stop making ourselves feel guilty about resting, taking a break, or going on vacation.

Of course, it’s not always easy. Sometimes vacations themselves are stressful. It’s difficult not to think about what work will be waiting for us once we get back to the real world. And when we return and are trying to catch up, we become even more stressed than when we left, when we should be feeling refreshed!

We can relax easier if we try to live in the moment more. There’s no point in taking a time out from your busy life if you’ll just constantly be thinking about work. You won’t be able to de-stress and you’ll just need another break as soon as that one ends.

Start taking care of yourself first.

So, instead of feeling guilty, embrace the down time. Schedule time on your to-do list to do nothing but put your feet up. Stick to that commitment. And when you’re in that moment, BE in the moment. Don’t think about what you could or should be doing instead. Think about how well-deserved that time is. After all, that’s what weekends were meant for. We usually can’t use weekends as two full days to relax and do nothing. But we can use part of that time to unwind. If we don’t, we’ll eventually become physically and mentally useless.

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Give yourself a time out for two. Breathe. Stretch. Pay attention to your body. Pay attention to your mind. We can’t work hard if we don’t first work hard on taking care of ourselves.

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