5 Ways to Easily Add Exercise to Your Busy Schedule

Finding the time to exercise every day can be difficult. Between working, studying, grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, taking care of kids – who has time to fit in a workout? Luckily, there are many ways to be physically active. Once you figure out what you enjoy and what works best for your lifestyle, it’ll be easy to keep up.

Here’s 5 tips for fitting in those workouts:

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1. Find something you enjoy.

Once you find the activities that you really enjoy, you’ll actually look forward to and enjoy working out. Besides using the treadmill, stationary bike, or other typical gym equipment, you can also find fun things to do outside. Hiking is one of my favorites because I love taking the time out to be in nature (rather than the busy city) and enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather. Other ideas are swimming (great if you have sensitive knees), playing basketball, or taking classes like dance, yoga, or Zumba.

Another one of my favorite exercises consists of a workout DVD at home. This is the easiest way for me to work out because it’s free (once you buy the DVD), easy (you don’t have you go anywhere), and fun (because you can pick whatever you are in the mood for). You also don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you struggling or getting drenched with sweat. And since it’s a video, you still have someone motivating you instead of you getting distracted or quitting too soon.

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At-home workouts are convenient and affordable. Plus, they allow you to go at your own pace on your own schedule. … (Photo by Brittany)

2. Instead of setting aside time to exercise, set aside time NOT to exercise.

It can be difficult to get motivated to work out when you have to do it at a certain time. It’s easier for me to work out when I know that I have time set aside to do something that I really want to do. If I know I’ll still have time in my day to read a good book or watch a show on Netflix, I don’t dread working exercise into my schedule.

3. Plan a short workout.

 We don’t typically have a couple hours or even one hour to spend exercising every day. When we can spend under an hour on an efficient workout, it’s a lot easier to convince ourselves we have the time. I have found and organized 20-30 minute workouts that when I am consistent, are way more effective than any time I have spent on an elliptical machine.

4. Be consistent.

It may be a no-brainer that consistency is important in improving ourselves, but as I mentioned in Getting Mentally Fit – 4 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise, the more we work out, the more we want to work out. Once we start a schedule that we can stick to, we’ll see how our mind and body changes. We’ll get into a habit of setting aside time to improve ourselves and make us feel better, inside and out.

5. Be realistic.

Sometimes we have events or obligations that take up more time than usual. Don’t stress out over adding a workout to your to-do list those days. Take a look at your schedule in advance to plan rest days where you need them. After all, we shouldn’t do strenuous workouts every single day. Your body needs time to recover, which is why people will focus on different body parts on different days of the week. Rest days are essential to recovery and preventing injury. So instead of feeling like you’ve failed at your workout schedule, make a schedule that is realistic to what you will be needing to accomplish that week.

What has worked for you? How do you find the motivation to fit exercise into your busy schedule consistently? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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