10 Things To Do This Weekend – Getting the Most Out of Your Days Off

I think we can all agree that weekends are great. Days off seem to be what we live for. But doesn’t it seem like once Monday morning comes around we think, where did my weekend go?! Here’s 10 things to do to make your weekend even better.

1. Don’t rush home on Friday.

I’m guilty of doing this almost every week. We all want our weekends to start ASAP. What I’ve found, though, is that when I don’t rush home I’m in a much more relaxed mindset. How do you expect to unwind when you start off anxious because you were trying to rush through traffic?

2. Learn something new.

If you can set some time aside to work on a project that teaches you a new skill or improves one you already have, you’ll feel better about yourself. Improving confidence improves happiness and you’ll even enjoy your workweek better knowing that you’re working on yourself and for yourself.

3. Go on an adventure.

It can be very nice to stay in and do nothing all weekend. But Saturday and Sunday are often the only days we have the chance to go out and explore the world we live in! Go on a mini road trip for wine tasting or trying a new restaurant. Spend a few hours at the local beach or lake. Try doing something for the first time. If you’re on a tight budget and wanna stay close to home, go to a local park or hike a new trail. Getting out of the house can be very beneficial for our moods. Sometimes we forget the positive effects of Vitamin D and how much we need a bit of sunshine. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

4. Wake up early.

This may not sound like a fun suggestion, but I love it when I can get up early on a day off. Sometimes it can be necessary to get a little extra shut-eye while you can. The day goes by so much faster, though, when you sleep through half of it! When I get up early on a weekend I can work out, take a relaxing shower, cook a nice breakfast, do some shopping, and still have plenty of time to work on a project or go on an adventure with friends or my boyfriend.

5. Spend time with loved ones.

Whether it’s family, friends, or both, spending time with those you love can have such a positive effect on our state of mind. Just make sure these are the people who support you and lift your spirits.

6. Ignore social media.

It may be difficult (very difficult), but if you can stay off social media for just one day you’ll see how much more productive you can be. Scrolling through news feeds can steal so much of your time. It’ll cause you to start your day later and keep you up at night. Try focusing on spending quality time with those around you instead of catching up with those online. Think of how much more relaxed you can be when you’re not dwelling on others’ complaints, stalking your ex online, or wishing you were as fit as those models.

7. Don’t plan the whole weekend.

When you have too much scheduled in a weekend, even when it’s fun stuff, you’re more likely to get stressed out trying to fit everything in and get everywhere on time. When there’s a little bit more wiggle room in your schedule, you can take the time to enjoy what you’re doing and live in the moment.

8. Get your housework done on Friday.

It may not seem like the most exciting way to start your time off, but you gotta do what you gotta do – why procrastinate? Get a couple loads of laundry taken care of, iron work clothes, clean the bathroom, whatever you know you’re gonna need to do by Monday morning. As a bonus, take a nice relaxing bubble bath in your freshly-cleaned bathtub to fully unwind from a long week. When Sunday evening comes, you’ll be glad you don’t have a bunch of clothes to iron!

9. Do something special Sunday evenings.

Speaking of Sunday evenings, don’t waste them! I’ve spent plenty of Sundays dreading the upcoming week only becoming anxious thinking about how much work will need to get done or what problems I’ll have. Take your mind off all that! If you really just want to stay home on Sunday, watch a movie on Netflix you’ve been meaning to check out. Take another bubble bath. Read a good book that you’ve been meaning to pick up. Take advantage of your last day off instead of treating it like an intro into your workweek making you want to call out on Monday.

10. Get some “you” time in.

No matter how busy you end up being, make sure you take some time pampering yourself. How often are we able to indulge ourselves during the week? After working so hard, we deserve some time for ourselves no matter what else is going on in our lives. Do something you love that makes you feel happy.

Let me know what your secrets to an awesome weekend are. How do you ensure that you are pampering yourself a bit? What are your favorite weekend adventures to have? Please comment and share!

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